Welcome to our website. We are a family owned real estate and auction company that is licensed to do business throughout the state of North Carolina. We offer a wide range of real estate and auction services which includes residential, commercial and personal property. We recently added Senior Move Management to our list of services to assist Seniors and their family in downsizing.

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Senior Move Management

Yes, it’s true. The average age of Americans is increasing as more baby boomers move into retirement. Along with retirement, come many decisions that seniors…

Benefit Fun Auction

Benefit Fun Auctions are a great way to raise funds for your organization or charitable foundations and giving. We can assist as advisors, help you…

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Selling Real Estate On-Line Only

Selling real estate on-line only is a topic being discussed by many auctioneers and it seems the realtors are now discussing it at many…

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Seniors Are Targets of Scammers

Almost on a weekly basis, I receive e-mails from some foreign country’s ambassador, banker, attorney or heir, willing to pay me millions of dollars…

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When is an Auction not an Auction?

Over the past six months or so, I have noticed an increase in the ads in the paper about auctioning homes. Here in the…

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Should Realtors Become Auctioneers?

I received an interesting phone call from a realtor in California. She had read some articles I had written about using an auction as…