Seniors Are Targets of Scammers

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Almost on a weekly basis, I receive e-mails from some foreign country’s ambassador, banker, attorney or heir, willing to pay me millions of dollars if I would help them transfer some money out of their country. There are many variances to this, like the Nigerian Scam going around on the internet. Of course to get the money, they need some more personal information about me and my bank account… yea, sure.

It appears these scammers are targeting senior citizens as if all senior citizens have lost all their faculties or need to supplement their Social Security check. These scammers must be having some success based on the number of e-mails I get. Being 68 years young doesn’t necessarily qualify someone for stupidity.

Our staff had been discussing how to expand our Senior Move Management service when I got the latest scam e-mail. It reinforced to me the importance of honesty and integrity in dealing with the senior market.

When a senior is downsizing, getting ready to retire, looking at a retirement community, etc., they are faced with many decisions about their personal needs. In many cases their children are too busy or live far away to take the time to assist them with their planning. Here are a few topics the seniors are faced with:

  • Placement Specialist
  • Senior Real Estate specialist- traditional listing versus auction
  • Assisted Living Advisors
  • Home Renovation Specialist
  • Independent Living Advisors
  • Reverse Mortgage Specialist – do I want to receive monthly payments from the equity
  • Residential Care Home Advisors
  • Estate Sale Coordination – tag sale versus personal property auction
  • Home Health Care Specialist -Medicare supplement programs
  • Financial Advisor/Planner – what to do with the 401(k) plan?
  • Senior Move Managers
  • Legal Assistance Counselors/Attorney- updating wills/medical will-estate distribution

Being a senior myself, my wife of 40 years will not admit to being a senior :-), I think I have a good understanding of the needs of a senior. If you would like to discuss your needs on a no obligation basis, go to and, then give us a call.


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