Time to Speak Up and Fight




I have been in sales for over 40 years. From selling Cutco knives door to door while in school, to selling insurance and investments for the Prudential, to selling real estate as an investor and as a broker, in additional to being an auctioneer.

During this 40 year span, I took many sales courses. Each sales course emphasized that you never mix religion and politics with your business because you might offend your customer base. Well I am about to violate that rule. If what I am about to say offends you in any way, there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom that you can click on. I say that humbly and not with arrogance.

You see… I had the privilege to speak to a small group at our church this last Lord’s Day evening. I spoke from Romans 13:1-6,  that God ordained government to be His deacon, i.e., His servant, and how government has not only left their sphere of authority, but has totally ignored its purpose, viz., to be ministers of justice. I was amazed at the number of people that came forward afterwards and said, “We need to hear more of this…”

What stimulated my topic, in addition to the Lord’s leading, were some articles I had recently read about some renowned pastors and theologians saying they will commit acts of “civil disobedience” (non-violent) rather than obey the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding gay marriage. Wow I thought, are we ready for this?

But let me get to my point… . I wrote an “opinion” piece in our local newspaper about two weeks ago. In my letter to the editors, I stated that it was time for the “silent majority” to speak up. In my message on Sunday evening, I said it was time “to fight.”  You may be thinking, “Speak up or fight for what?” Your liberty!

Caesar has demanded that we recognize the legal right of homosexuals and lesbians to marry. While we do not know the full ramification of this unconstitutional edict, our pastors may at first be ASKED to marry same sex couples, then as times passes they may be REQUIRED to marry same-sex couples.

Like abortion, this issue is a hard fact with no avoidance.  Soon, each of us will have to make a conscientious decision that is based solely on our scriptural and moral convictions .

The church was silent in 1962 when prayer and reading the Bible was taken out of the school. Where was the church when pastors were required to be licensed to preach the Word of God in 1968?   Where was the church when God-ordained right to life of unborn babies was expunged in 1973?  And now, Holy Matrimony has been “redefined” by the Supreme Court. Folks, it’s time to speak out. It’s time to fight!

I remember in the 1960’s when there were Christians on the movie rating board.  Whenever a controversial movie was going to be made, one of the first questions that popped up in the producer’s mind was, “What will the church say?” Do you really believe that is a concern today to the movie industry?

I have not yet verified this, but I recently read that militant homosexuals have brought a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Zondervan, demanding that the Scriptures condemning sodomy be eviscerated.

Can you see what is happening? Radical secularist  want to expunge every semblance of Christian thought and ideology from our nation. This purge has been taking place, little by little, over a number of years. You see how they have taken Christ out of Christmas, and now it is the “Happy Holiday Season.” Additionally, they want to remove the word “God” from our coinage.

Some schools are teaching our children that there is basically no difference between a boy and a girl.  This idea of sex neutrality is not something our schools should be teaching and has resulted in men and women losing their personal identity, and suffering severe moral decay as is evidenced by the mindless violence occurring in our nation today.  When the government begins to act in the place of God, changing the laws of morality and seeking to educate society accordingly, what place is there for freedom?

A recent man on the street survey showed that most college students could not say why we celebrate July 4th. Almost none could name a Supreme Court Justice and none could say who the VP of the United States was. What are they learning in college, much less high school?  Are “Government” and “Civics” now non-existent courses?

Many years ago I had a state representative tell me that it was the States responsibility to educate the children and not the parent’s and that the state owned our children.  Yeah, right. While we home schooled our five children, we never got the States permission to do so.

The big intimidation that is coming for most pastors is the threat of  the removal of tax-exempt status for churches that refuse to “marry” same sex couples – that is a topic to itself. I think God is now forcing the pastors and churches to take a stand. If any organization or individual operates strictly on whether something is tax deductible or not, then we really have a problem.

I found it interesting that Communist China will soon exceed the number of Christians than those in America AND they have no tax-exempt status afforded them.

But it’s not just the recent Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage that bothers me. We are a nation of law but our President, our Congressmen and women, and our judges at all levels are ignoring the law and ignoring the US Constitution. We are now a nation being operated under “executive orders.”

We have a president that respects Islamic terrorists more than our military men. We have basically open borders whereas anyone that crosses gets food stamps, refugee status, a job, free health care, housing, children benefits and education. No wonder we are a nation with an 18 to 19 trillion dollar debt. Try crossing illegally the borders of Russia, North Korea, Iran, Mexico, etc., and see what you get.

We have a Congress that is afraid to impeach the President because he is black. That is not a racial statement but a fact. Republicans don’t want to be remembered as impeaching the first black President.

We have people in Congress that are tax cheats without prosecution. We have an IRS targeting particular groups of people because they are conservative and/or religious. We have the media turning against our police men and women. We have a presidential candidate that should be in jail for lying to Congress and operating a foundation illegally.

We have those that want to give illegal immigrants the right to vote. We have a President that wants to give felons the right to vote. We have a President that doesn’t want to deport illegal immigrants and yet many of them become criminals. I recently read that over 40% of criminal cases prosecuted were against illegal immigrants.

It time to speak out and fight back. Stop being part of the “silent majority.” We don’t do it with guns and knives as the pen is mightier than the sword. Write opinion letters to your local paper, tell your Congressman or woman that “enough is enough.” Hold the Presidential candidates feet to the fire when it comes to social and constitutional issues.

Our soldiers didn’t die for the Mexican flag. I don’t like the phrase, “Let’s take our country back” because it implies we have given it up. I haven’t given it up and I don’t believe you have either. Perhaps “Let’s keep our country” would be a better battle cry.

Whatever you chose to do, stop being the silent majority. Yes, God is Sovereign but remember He uses His people here on earth to carry out His purpose and plan. We simply do not know what His plans are. But I believe through prayer and supplications, He will reveal them to us.

God is my employer so I don’t fear what man or woman can do to me. What business comes my way, comes from Him so I don’t fear what others will say. But thanks for letting me ramble with my thoughts and concerns. I hope you agree with at least a few of them.

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