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My son is moving into his new home this weekend. I did a final walk through with him and his wife this past week-end. They had already moved in a few boxes of things and was beginning to unpack and paint a room before the big move-in this coming week end.

I could tell there were some stressful moments in his voice as the carpet still had some dog hairs in it from the previous owners, and the grass has not been cut before they moved out. The carpet was supposed to have been shampooed. It appeared to have been only vacuumed.

As my son spoke to his wife about the “stressful” situation, I was reminded of an article I recently read about the “Top 5 Stressful Situations” in one’s life. They were listed as following in this order: (1) death of a loved one, (2) divorce, (3) Moving (oh, yes), (4) major illness, and (5) job loss. I have dealt in situations where there was a combination of these going on all at one time. Yes… very stressful.

In another stressful situation, an adult child who was single and lived in another state, was asked to help her parents prepare to downsize from their current home here in North Carolina to a retirement community. There were two other siblings and each one also lived outside the state and they said they could not take time away from their work and family and travel back and forth in setting up the move.

I am sure all the children loved their parents but can you imagine the stressful situation the children and parents found themselves in. You can take this situation and multiply it a thousand times over. Being a senior myself, I understand both the parents and children’s dilemma and that is why I established Taylor Estate Sales and Services, to assist in moves like this.

We are coordinating with movers, shippers and other Senior Move Management companies to offer a total “move management” package. If you know of anyone that can use this kind of service, have them give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation at 252-257-4822. You will be releasing them from a stressful situation.

Better yet have them visit our Senior Move Management page at https://cansellnow.com/senior-move-management/ . There is a lot of information there to answer your questions.

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